The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash Review: Hey guys, so I’ve sầu been trying a new face wash lately because my combination skin has started giving me some troubles in this super hot and humid summers. For those of you who do not know, it was 45* C recorded temperature here in my city Varanaham today. It did rain a couple of days baông xã, so it is super humid as well. So you guys can take a guess what kind of weather has it been lately around here. I noticed these pin head breakouts on my forehead and cheeks. I vì chưng not feel lượt thích putting a ton of hàng hóa on my face in this heat. Hence, I thought of trying out the Tea Tree face wash by The Body Shop. I have been using this face wash from almost 2 weeks now and I feel I am ready lớn nội dung my experience with this product.

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About The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash

This Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash infused with tea tree oil, cleanses blemish-prone skin with each use. A cooling lather removes impurities and excess oil, leaving skin feeling refreshed và purified. Use daily for shine-không lấy phí, visibly clearer results.

Daily facial washWith purifying tea tree oil from the foothills of Mount KenyaDeeply cleanses blemish-prone skinCooling and refreshing on skinSkin appears clearerReduces oiliness and shine

How khổng lồ Use The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash

Wet face and gently mas sa onlớn skin in a circular upward motion.Rinse with water.Use morning và evening.Follow with Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner and other products from the Tea Tree range to lớn target blemished skin.

Ingredients in The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash

Aqua (Solvent/Diluent), Glycerin (Humectant), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (Surfactant), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Surfactant), PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate (Viscosity Modifier), PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil (Emulsifier), PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate (Emulsifier), Polysorbate trăng tròn (Emulsifier), Alcohol Denat. (Solvent/Diluent), Panthenol (Skin/Hair Conditioning Agent), Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil (Natural Additive), Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil (Skin Conditioning Agent), Allantoin (Skin Soothing Agent), Citric Acid (pH Adjuster), p-Anisic Acid (pH Modifier), Benzophenone-4 (Sunscreen agent, Ultraviolet Light Absorber), Menthol (Cooling Agent), Sodium Hydroxide (pH Adjuster), Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane (Sunscreen), Limonene (Natural Additive), Leptospermum Petersonii Oil (Natural Additive), t-Butyl Alcohol (Denaturant), Denatonium Benzoate (Denaturant), Tocopherol (Antioxidant), Caramel (Colour), CI 19140 (Colour), CI 42090 (Colour).


Price of The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash

$ 14.00 for 8.4 fl oz in USA C$ 15.00 for 250 mL in Canadomain authority £ 6.00 for 250 mL in UK and Scotlvà € 7.90 for 250 mL in Europe CHF 14.90 for 250 mL in Switzerland Kr 115.00 for 250 mL in Sweden A$ 15.00 for 250 mL in Australia NZ$ 19.95 for 250 mL in New Zealand S$ đôi mươi.90 for 250 mL in Singapore RM 49.00 for 250 mL in Malaysia ¥ 2160.00 for 250 mL in nhật bản ₹ 695.00 for 250 mL in India

This sản phẩm is also available in a smaller 2.0 fl oz or 60 mL kích cỡ.


In Detail The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash review, Swatches and My Experience

The Body cửa hàng Tea Tree facial wash comes in a see through green tinged plastic bottle with a black colour flip open top. Its a basic yet sturdy packaging. This is actually the new packaging what I have. Earlier they used to lớn have a plain Trắng transparent stout bottle. However this new packaging looks so much better than the previous one. Like always, the body toàn thân shop has mentioned every ingredient in detail on the label of the product. Overall a very nice packaging, it is travel friendly but as a precautionary measure, I always advise packing liquid products in a leak proof bag, just in case.

It smells just lượt thích tea tree oil with some added freshness to it. I really enjoy this fragrance, it really freshens me up. The hàng hóa has a moderate consistency, slightly on the runny side. You only need half a coin sized amount for your entire face và nechồng area.

How I Use it

I have sầu been using it 2 times a day – morning & evening. I take half a coin size amount of this on my palm & gently mát xa it on my wet facial skin. It doesn’t lather up super luxuriously, but quite enough to lớn work with. I gently work it in circular motions around the area that I am breaking out specially. Then I wash it off with normal temperature water.

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The face wash leaves my skin really fresh & clean. It gives a slight cooling sensation as well. I have to say that I was kind of scared that this would over dry my skin. However, it did not! It did not over dry my skin at all. It does not add any moisture, but doesn’t make the skin feel stretchy either. TBS Tea Tree face wash removes every tiniest bit of oils & dirt from the face and gives me a super clean skin.

Does it work on breakouts? – yes it does, but you have lớn be a little patient. I started noticing that my breakouts were disappearing after a week of using this sản phẩm. Please keep in mind, I bởi vì not suffer from acne. I just have occasional breakouts which were becoming increasingly frequent last month. After using TBS Tea Tree face wash for about 1 week, I noticed that I was not really getting any new breakouts và the really tiny ones were diminishing. After 2 weeks, I had almost zero breakouts on my skin.

Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties và because this product has 2 surfactant agents, it also deep cleansed the skin. Further menthol provided a cooling sensation for a while which helped soothe my skin which was acting out because of the heat. Because this sản phẩm has glycerin as a major ingredient, it does not over dry the skin. Also, this has some sun protecting ingredients as well.

Overall Verdict

While I am svào believer in the fact that diet plays a great role when it comes khổng lồ breakouts, I vì chưng also believe sầu that clean is less prone khổng lồ breakout. In addition, cooling agents calm down skin which becomes irritated because of heat. These are the reason I guess this face wash works & provides really nice results on my skin. It cleared my small breakouts in 2 weeks. A lot of beauty blogs mentioned that this product claims to lớn clear “blemishes” however if you read the claims carefully above sầu, what it really says is “Deeply cleanses blemish-prone skin”. Hence they vày not actually claim lớn clear up the blemishes. Therefore I feel this product pretty much does what it claims for me.

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PROs of The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

1. I really like the new The Body Shop packaging. 2. Smells really fresh & nice. 3. Cleans up the skin very nicely removing every trace of oil or dirt. 4. Does not over dry the skin as it has glycerin as one of the major ingredients. Also has sun protecting ingredients. 5. Soothes my skin và gives a cooling sensation because of menthol present in it. 6. Really worked for my breakouts and cleared them up in a couple of weeks. (But please note, I only get occasional breakouts. My skin does not suffer from acne as such) 7. Not very expensive. 8. TBS does not chạy thử on animals. So I know Tyson’s friends were not harmed in any process of making this hàng hóa. Tyson is my sister with paws. (Yes “her” name is Tyson because when we got her, my little brother started crying & sobbing because he really wanted to lớn name her Tyson.) 9. This product is made in UK.

CONs of The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

1. Does contain 2 forms of surfactants. 2. Contains alcohol.


MBF Advises

1. If you’re someone who is experiencing minor breakout issues, this is a good sản phẩm khổng lồ try. 2. Always vày a patch demo before trying out any new sản phẩm. 3. I always use a moisturiser after using any cleanser. I advise you darlings the same. 4. Please keep this bottle away from direct sunlight because there are quite a lot of natural derivatives in there. Hence keeping the bottle away from direct sunlight won’t damage anything I feel.