Mac cosmetics" ruby woo lipstick makes me feel like a retro movie star

I am here with another MAC nhận xét. I know Jomol is going lớn be mad at me for this, but anything for IMBB. Rati & this blog have made me fall in love with this brvà so much. I have never worn a red lipstiông xã in my life thinking it would never suit me, but recently, my love for lipsticks is increasing & I feel that even I can carry them off easily. All credit goes khổng lồ IMBB. I really owe a lot khổng lồ this blog for giving me so much information và I now know how khổng lồ choose my makeup và beauty products well.

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So, I just wanted khổng lồ try how I would look wearing a red lipstiông chồng & headed to my most favourite br& MAC. The MUAs there recognize me so well these days and that makes me so happy. I told one of the MUAs that I always wanted a bright red lipstichồng, but never tried as I am afraid that I would look scary. She was very sweet and allowed me khổng lồ try all the reds in the collection và we finally got three in the menu, Russian Red, Ruby Woo và Diva. She suggested I take Ruby Woo because her complexion was similar to mine and Russian Red was more of an orangish red on me, Diva looked good, it was not red but more of a maroon shade on my lips.


After trying Ruby Woo thrice, I finally made up my mind và bought it. So, here is my first red lipstick và this is my fourth MAC lipstiông xã. I am very very happy & a million thanks lớn Rati for this.




This is of matte finish. I must say I really love sầu the texture. Some people say that matte finish lipsticks of MAC are very drying, but I love this finish the most. I have three satin finish lipsticks, but this is the one that I really like. It is very soft on the lips và not at all drying.


The pigmentation is just awesome, just one swipe is enough. When I tried this for the first time, the MUA laughed at the way I was applying. I told her that I applied it very lightly as I was afraid it wouldn’t suit me. This fear was there in my mind, I am NC42 in MAC và used to think that bright colours would never suit me.

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Staying Power:

Fantastic, I wore this and it stayed the whole day in spite of eating and drinking. According khổng lồ me, the matte finish lipsticks from MAC have sầu the best staying power và I am highly impressed.


Rs. 990, I think MAC has increased their prices now, earlier, it was for Rs. 900.

My Experience with MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick:

This is my first red lipstiông chồng & will always be special to me. It brightens up my face và I think this would be the best matte red lipstiông chồng for anytoàn thân. I am not fair skinned but even I am able to carry this off so well. One thing I have learnt from IMBB is that we dusky girls should never shy away from bright colours without trying, assuming that it would never suit us.



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