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How are you doing today? Please accept my advance Raksha Bandhan wishes. I am determined to celebrate raKhi with Aadya this time unlượt thích the last time when rakhi simply meant crying và missing my home. Moreover, she is growing up pretty fast & quite attentive sầu nowadays and there is no other beautiful opportunity than this Raksha Bandhan festival for us to teach our kids the importance of siblings & the essence of pious selfless love that we chia sẻ with our siblings. Anyway, before I start feeling nostalgic, let’s get on with the Review. After my hit/miss experiences with various toners (which also burned holes in my pocket), I found solace in rose water & witch hazel. One of my friends introduced me to Dickinson’s witch hazel toner and since then, I have never looked at other options & I was so excited to lớn giới thiệu this pocket-friendly option with you considering its effect on all skin types including sensitive, dry, oily, acne prone. Let’s read on further to lớn know more about Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner.

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$5 lớn $8 for 16 Fl Oz (473 ml), also available in 8 fl oz bottle in limited stores & price may vary from store lớn store.



This clear witch hazel toner comes in a transparent plastic bottle packaging with safety flip top opening. It does have a really svào pungent smell which is beyond my tolerance for the first few minutes and I really don’t rethành viên if I ever smelt such a pungent smell before, but anyway, it stays for a short time period, so no issues. Considering its form size, I don’t feel it would be travel friendly, though it’s also available in a small 8 oz paông xã, which is easy to carry around.


My Experience with Dickinsons Original Witch Hazel:

I am really impressed with this toner considering it is so cheap yet naturally formulated & I feel it sets the bar for other brands in the market. It really helped my weird oily/acne-prone skin from getting worse. Currently, we are experiencing dry & scorching summers, which simply means that if I skip moisturizer, we kết thúc up getting dry flakes and if I use moisturizer, I over up with shiny và oily face within a few hours, pathetic! Thankfully, I have sầu discovered skin care regimen which works like a charm on my skin, especially in summers and this Dickinson’s witch hazel toner is certainly one of them. I can definitely notice the difference of using natural toner on my skin as my skin feels smooth, soft yet clear without those nasty red burning spots or dry flakes.


I am also impressed to see that it is way mild & gentle on my skin whether I use it generously or sparsely on my skin. I use it every day after cleansing my skin & I observed a difference after 1-2 weeks of using it. My pores did appear smaller và free of black/Trắng heads unlượt thích earlier days though credit also goes khổng lồ my other skin care stuff, but this toner certainly worked in conjunction with those products. It also evaporates quickly off my skin leaving it smooth and oil không tính phí though I cannot stand its pungent smell. It never caused any breakouts và I didn’t feel any dry/flaky skin since I started using it.

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It can be easily used in conjunction with any other skin care stuff (natural/chemically derived ones). I also use it as my facial toner at times after coming baông chồng from scorching sun outside and it feels really soothing and refreshing, và I need not follow it up with any lotion. It works great post scrubbing/acid peels, tried & tested on me! I often use it after Dr. Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta Peel Pads & it never reacted on my skin nor gave me red/bumpy skin like other toners. In fact, I feel it did help in changing the texture of my skin from weird oily/sensitive sầu to lớn just oily I feel.


I can’t imagine my day without a pop of zit here & there, but after a month religious usage of Dickinson’s witch hazel, I am certainly enjoying clear skin days, irrespective sầu of my sleep/eating habits for the first time ever in summers! I am really determined to lớn continue with it during winters for it is very mild và gentle và it won’t rip the moisture off my skin, which makes it ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for my skin all year round. I wholeheartedly recommkết thúc it to lớn every beauty, it is certainly a keeper for oily/sensitive/combination/acne-prone skin. I am seriously hooked to it, already purchased my second bottle.


Let’s sum up pros & cons:

Pros of Dickinsons Original Witch Hazel:

Naturally formulated witch hazel toner with no parabens, chemicals, sulfates, alcohol, dyes, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil/essential oils.Effect of using natural pure witch hazel toner is well visible, it leaves the skin soft, smooth và clear.Does not rip moisture off my skin, in fact I feel it provides hydration khổng lồ my skin.There are times when I use it alone on my face without following up with lotion or moisturizer and it gave sầu me pretty good results.Never gave me dry/flaky skin, in fact cleared my skin in due course of time.Mildly exfoliates and I can see whitehead/blackhead không lấy phí pores.Does blur pores và effectively shrinks them for a good time period from day one of use.Does not clog pores, clears them from within.Clears dirt, grime, traces of oil effectively without ripping off moisture from the skin.Works well in conjunction with other natural/chemically formulated skin products.I use it post scrubbing/cleansing/polishing & it never disappointed me.Can also be used as a facial tonic for refreshing and soothing effect.Absorbs pretty fast leaving behind no residue, just shine-không tính tiền skin.Considering its wonderful qualities, I feel it’s a steal at such a pocket-friendly price & quantity.

Cons of Dickinsons Original Witch Hazel:

Has a very strong pungent smell which is really nauseating & might be a turn off for sensitive sầu noses, even though it stays only for a few seconds.Not a miracle toner & does not give results overnight, does take time to show results.Might not be effective sầu on white/blackheads, it simply clears pores & prevents future breakouts, but it won’t vì chưng anything for existing white/blackheads.Available in 16 fl oz bottle, but I usually go for small travel-sized versions.

Honestly, I don’t regret buying this jumbo bottle except for the fear of losing it as my toddler keeps carrying it from one room khổng lồ another