Burberry Brit Rhythm Edt For Women

So, Burberry as a fragrance house, yay or meh or nay? I"ve sầu been mostly in the meh camp. The original Burberry Brit was a fun, pear-based fruity floral before pear became so annoyingly ubiquitous, and although it wasn"t my thing, I thought a couple of the flankers (particularly Brit Red & Brit Gold) were pretty good. The Beat was ok, although I thought the limited edition Beat Elixir version was so much better that I didn"t see why it wasn"t released as the "main" fragrance (it"s the only Burberry fragrance I own, & I still wear it from time to lớn time). I did not much care for Burberry London, và ditlớn for Burberry Body.

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All of which might explain why I did not have especially high hopes for Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her. It didn"t help that Kevin was not enthralled with the men"s version (I didn"t get around lớn smelling it, but we agree more often than not). And the roông xã music inspiration / backstory, hey, that"s getting a little old, isn"t it?1 The Beat hardly lived up lớn its "edgy, carnal, slightly wild" musical inspirations, & I rather doubted Brit Rhythm for Her would live up khổng lồ this number, from the capsule fashion collection Burberry launched in conjunction with the fragrance:


The jacket, by the way, is $4995, & there are also shoes, jeans, handbags, sunglasses and whatnot, many of them with fewer studs và a smaller price tag. The Brit Rhythm advertising, meanwhile, featuring Suki Waterhouse, is curiously unmusical (see the commercial here) — it seems to lớn be about being a star more than about rock music.

But the Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her fragrance was a pleasant surprise. No, it"s not edgy, and no, it"s not what I"d pichồng khổng lồ live up lớn the jacket, but that"s business as usual, right? If you want an edgy fragrance, you"re not likely to find it from a designer br& promising an edgy fragrance — the brand"s mô tả tìm kiếm of Brit Rhythm as having "a rochồng ’n’ roll edge" with "powdery softness" is accurate mostly about the latter part, the powdery softness. It"s a very soft, powdery, "veil of scent" sort of thing, à la Cartier Baiser Volé, Pradomain authority Infusion d"Iris, Lolita Lempicka L"Eau en Blanc, và etc. & etc., although it"s warmer than most, and here, the theme is oải hương. Sort of. Nathalie Cetto lớn, one of the two perfumes who developed Brit Rhythm (the other was Antoine Maisondieu), noted that:

We are very proud — this is the first feminine fragrance created around oải hương. English lavender is more aromatic , và it was important for us khổng lồ have an English ingredient.

Fine,2 but in case you"re either afraid of lavender, or a huge oải hương freak, bởi be aware that it"s a very modern, completely de-clawed oải hương, with absolutely nothing sharp or spiky about it (it"s almost certainly a molecular fraction). Brit Rhythm is bright, citrus-y, and mildly fruity at the start, with plenty (& then some) of pink pepper. The floral notes are vague và easy, the lavender is mild & quiet, like a oải hương soap, & the whole thing is laid over a middling-dark bed of powdery, slightly earthy iris and musky woods (the notes: English oải hương, pink pepper, neroli, orris, blackberry leaves, orange blossom, petalia (peony), vetiver, musks & woods).

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Verdict: I like Brit Rhythm. It"s just warm enough to lớn st& up nicely khổng lồ cold weather. It"s not too young or too pinkified or too silly: right there, it"s likely khổng lồ be better than half the new releases this year. Still, I wish they"d given it a little more oomph — just a little more bite to the oải hương, maybe, or a stronger orange blossom note, or both? As it is, it"s nice enough lớn wear, but a wee bit too blvà lớn inspire love or loyalty, especially given the multitude of perfumes in this style on the market right now. A darker, more intense flanker would be welcome, although the way things are going lately we"re more likely to get a green-hued Brit Rhythm L"Eau.


Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her is available in 30, 50 ($70) và 90 ($90) ml Eau de Toilette, and in matching body toàn thân products including 50 ml Hair Mist ($40).

2. Although if you"d lượt thích a reminder of a few of the feminine lavenders that preceded this one, see the comments khổng lồ the fragrance announcement.